The Saimaa SUP inflatable board collection has been designed in Finland based on decades of racing experience and test experiences from numerous brands. Thanks to the our excellent know-how and customer feedback, to the Saimaa SUP range has been selected for the five most suitable inflatable sup-boards for Finns. The boards are made using different techniques, where price and quality are best suited to each target group.

Lily and Pike SUP boards are for first-time and occasional runners an easy and inexpensive choice to start a SUP boarding hobby. The boards are easy to pump full, nice to handle even for a small person, and you can do short trips on water with these boards. It is also possible to buy a canoe bench and paddle for the Pike board, so the boards are suitable for the whole cottage group!

In many of our test events, we have noticed that many contenders are afraid of falling on the SUP board, which is unneccessary concern – all Saimaa SUP boards are very stable. However, we wanted a board which is good board when you want paddle longer trips with good speed and also the most stable board in the collection- this board is Saimaa SUP Bass.

Many Finns already have their first SUP board and many of them they are considering a second board for the family. Some also know right away that SUP boarding is going to be a long-term hobby and they are ready to invest more to their first SUP board. Designed for them, the whole family is Saimaa SUP Sun and the athlete’s dream is Saimaa SUP Moon, which are also the flagship models of the Saimaa SUP range. These boards challenge the boards of the world’s leading brands with their features and equipment.

By choosing SAIMAA SUP products you will also choose a good customer service and excellent knowledge and fast answers to any matter of SUP boarding.